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No matter the size of your Company, whether you are an entrepreneur, small or medium business, you can have a PBX Cloud Phone System at the same level of any large Corporation.

DeskGreen provides a PBX Cloud Phone System solution totally decentralized, scalable, powerful, ultra-reliable and extremely easy to use.




 DeskGreen Services are designed for:

Select a PBX Cloud Phone System is not easy task, especially if this one is offered via the “Cloud”

Cloud PBX

Cloud PBX

DeskGreen Infrastructure has been developed with the objective of eliminating every single point of failure.  All components of  DeskGreen infrastructure can make them redundant. In addition, each server added to the DeskGreen infrastructure pool increases the total capacity and redundancy, having no limits on the number of extensions, users and entities that can be managed.

communicating the world

DeskGreen understands the importance of having a reliable and independent solution that is as flexible as your business is, but that does not require much work on its implementation. No hardware installation, which does not require maintenance fees and when your needs change these changes can be made in your system in real time through our web portal management, available anywhere you have internet access. Try us ……

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