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DeskGreen offers a Cloud PBX solutions with a wide range of features and characteristics defined mostly by industry standards.

Your plan includes unlimited access to all these “features”. Assembling a sophisticated voice system, IVR with multiple voice menus, voicemail, extensions, conference, time and route of call, etc. all at no additional cost. 

Incoming Calls from one or many local numbers
Calls forwarded to any phone number landline, mobile or VoIP
Calls forwarded to multiple destinations simultaneously or by predefined order
Full IVR facilities, with calls being transferred directly to extensions or voicemail as required
Voicemail messages being sent to selected email addresses
Ring and hunt groups, with time-based call routing
Dial tone access for outbound calls (DISA)
Fax reception, with forwarding to email
Conference rooms, hosting multiple participants with full privacy
Notification via email, SMS or private chat
Blacklists for blocking unwanted callers
Call recording / Call encryption
Caller ID-based routing on partial or full number matches
Web panel monitoring and management
Message recording and playback, including file uploading and text-to-speech facilities
Web call
Click to call

As follows a more comprehensive list of features of our Cloud PBX solution:

Call Routing Profiles Route by Week Billing (pre & post paid) Least Cost Routing 
Call Transfer SIP call debug and decoding Pin Code Dialing MOS Calculation
Call Waiting SIP Security (SRTP and SIP over TLS) Busy Lamp Field Music on Hold
Caller ID Statistic Call Detail Records Paging/Intercom
Caller ID Black List Supervised Transfer Call Forward on Busy Phone Book
Conference Rooms Test It Calls Call Forward on No Answer Provisioning
Dial by Name Three-way Calling Call Forward on Unavailable Queues
DISA Trunking Call Pickup Remote Call Pickup
Fax to email/Web to Fax Voicemail Call Parking/Retrieval Reseller Account
Find Me/Follow Me Wake up Calls Call Queuing Route by Caller ID
Hunt List Web Calls/ Click to Call Call Recording Route by Date
Interactive Voice Response (IVR)

If you do not see a specific function it is possible that is present and has not been listed. Otherwise let us know and we could implement it within a reasonable period of time.

Our developers are working every day to solve any bugs and improve services.


Cloud PBX Services

Deskgreen is able to offer different solutions which can be coupled to the needs of your company. However we have two plans that may well be framed in the need of your company.

The Global Plan, which offers a package of unlimited minutes to main countries worldwide that includes all the “features” previously presented.

The Global Plan is mainly for companies with important incoming and outgoing traffic and with different physical locations.

The Virtual Plan, which has no plan of minutes assigned, and also provides all “features” described above, but must pay for all outgoing traffic and audio conferencing services.

The Virtual Plan is offered mainly to companies or professionals with low traffic volume. This plan must prepay traffic.


 Options Price


  Extensions Virtual Plan Global Plan
Without Commitment 1 Year Commitment Without Commitment 1 Year Commitment
3     US$ 30  Monthly US$ 26.99 Monthly US$ 66   Monthly US$ 58.99 Monthly
5     US$ 45  Monthly US$ 40.99 Monthly US$ 99   Monthly US$ 88.99 Monthly
10   US$ 80  Monthly US$ 71.99 Monthly US$ 176 Monthly US$ 157.99 Monthly
25   US$ 175 Monthly US$ 157.99 Monthly US$ 385 Monthly US$ 349.99 Monthly


All these options come with:

  • One DID 
  • All calls between extensions are free
  • Access to the Cloud PBX DeskGreen Platform
  • All unlimited calls include:
  • Calls to the countries included in the Country Table.
  • Transfer calls to your mobile or fixed numbers included in the Country Table.
  • Calls of Telemarketing, Autodialing or Trunking are not included.
  • In the case of USA the services for 911 should be added.

Additional options:

Unlimited Recording US$ 14.99 per month
Unlimited Conference Calls US$ 9.99 per month
Additional USA DID’s US$ 2.99 per month
International DID’s Vary per Country
Toll Free Number Available


Countries with Unlimited Service

argentina_round_icon_64Argentina austria_round_icon_64Austria
canada_round_icon_64Canada china_round_icon_64China croatia_round_icon_64Croatia
cyprus_round_icon_64Cyprus denmark_round_icon_64Denmark france_round_icon_64France
germany_round_icon_64Germany greece_round_icon_64Greece hungary_round_icon_64Hungary
ireland_round_icon_64Ireland italy_round_icon_64  Italy israel_round_icon_64Israel
mexico_round_icon_64Mexico netherlands_round_icon_64Netherlands peru_round_icon_64Peru
portugal_round_icon_64Portugal puerto_rico_round_icon_64 Puerto Rico romania_round_icon_64Romania
singapore_round_icon_64Singapore slovakia_round_icon_64Slovakia spain_round_icon_64Spain
sweden_round_icon_64Sweden united_kingdom_round_icon_64 UK united_states_of_america_round_icon_64 USA

Countries with Access Numbers

Tabla 4

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